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Laurie has been teaching harp for 35 years. She is one of the creators of the 10 level program for harp called Certificate of Merit, part of the California Music Teacher’s Association. Students who are enrolled in this program learn harp technique, theory, and repertoire for the harp.

Certificate of Merit is totally optional and students can choose to learn all or any of these facets of learning to play the harp at their own pace.


Performance, playing in the presence of others, is encouraged, but not required. Yearly recitals at the studio, sharing during a harp circle, or participating in the MTAC recitals and festivals are all available to students


Ensemble opportunities are also available, so that students can enjoy playing arrangements for two or more harps. This reinforces rhythm skills, participating in music that is bigger than one can make while playing solo. An added side effect is the joy of playing music with others!


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