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                   Philosophy of Vocal Instruction


My method of teaching is built on the solid foundation of classical technique with a rich understanding of styles and vocal methods of Broadway, pop and folk styles.


What follows gives an idea of my approach. I tailor make my exercises for each singer. Although the human voice works in a similar fashion in each person, no two people learn in exactly the same way. Therefore as the student teacher relationship develops, we discover how the student learns and I create a vocal growth plan for each individual based on my 40 years of vocal study.


Some students prefer a highly technical approach to singing; what the vocal mechanism looks like, how it functions anatomically, how the science of sound relates to the voice. These students can receive a detailed knowledge of healthy vocal production suited to their interest.

There are other students who prefer a more abstract and empirical approach to singing. It may not be as helpful to them to understand the exact anatomy of their voice. For some, absorbing information through osmosis, imitation or visual imagery is all that is needed to have healthy vocal production.


Most students want a combination of these learning styles. Together we find the balance so that progress in vocal goals happens with enjoyment and confidence. We find the tools to make progress in the student’s individual practice time.


As a mentor, I support you in developing confidence and trust in yourself as a singer.

This process usually includes moving through mental and emotional barriers that stand in the way of your freely expressed voice.

I take it seriously that you have entrusted your vocal growth into my care and guidance and I work to create a safe place for you to experience and share your voice and its expression.

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