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                     Cancellation Policy


I practice a 24 hour cancellation policy.

all sessions cancelled within 24 hours of appointment must be fully compensated.




  • It makes teachers better. The cancellation policy protects the time, energy, devotion and hard work of teaching. Teachers can then maintain a high level of passion, devotion, and health in helping students achieve their goals. The policy respects and guards the energy of teachers when ample notice for cancellation is given.

  • It makes better students. By placing importance and responsibility on students in respecting their lesson time students maintain a deep commitment and professional understanding of the student-teacher relationship. 



I have been trained in music for many years and have been teaching for many years. From personal experience I understand the frustration of missing a lesson and paying for it. I have also learned to respect my own teachers by honoring their cancellation policies. Learning to respect the hard work of other musicians is part of being a growing musician of integrity.


I appreciate your understanding of this studio’s policy. Know that I care about and respect each of my student’s lives, goals and unique situations.  Enforcing the cancellation policy is not meant to be taken personally, but is part of honoring you the students, me as a teacher, and the art of music. 



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